Ethics Of Being A Doctor Essay

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Ever since I was in third grade, I have always aspired to be a doctor. Even though I was young and did not yet understand the many different branches that appeared under the title of being a doctor, I knew that I wanted to grow up and help others in this way. When the time came to take the Interest Profiler test towards what career would best fit my personality, a long list of medical professions came up, many of which I had never heard of before. At the top of the list stood the occupation of being a sports medicine physician, and I instantly knew that this job was meant for me. Upon researching sports medicine further, my mother gave me the contact information of the sports physician who performed the sports evaluations at Campolindo and currently works at his own firm in Walnut Creek. After contacting Don Dendinger, he eagerly agreed to meet at the Moraga Country Club office to answer and discuss questions that I had about his profession. I learned that Dendinger had competitively played volleyball through high school and was recruited to play at UCLA, much like I am currently aspiring to do with swimming. He went in to UCLA knowing that he wanted to complete pre med, yet he did not know which branch of medicine to focus his attention on. After a training injury placed his volleyball season on pause, Dendinger realized that he wanted to pursue a career in learning about sports rehabilitation, and he managed to push his way through recovery to play for the USA national…

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