Ethics Of A Social Worker Essay

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Ethical Paper
Social workers hold them selves to high standards and they do this by following NASW Code of Ethics. Before accepting a job a social worker should check to see if the agencies policies and values are the same as NASW Code of Ethics. The same can be said for the social worker themselves; before going into the field of social work one should make sure their personal values match NASW Code of Ethics values.
SEK-CAP Choices Head Start is a preschool at no financial cost for families who qualify. No financial cost means that while the families do not have to pay a monetary price they are required to be an active participant in their child’s life. One of those requirements is to have a home visit every month the family service worker. There are two times a year that the teachers do an educational home visit, so instead of overwhelming the families with two visits the family service worker and teacher go on the visit together. During the last month when they were doing a home visits together, the teacher decided to start catching the parents at the school to get all of the home visits done. However when she did this she forgot to let the family service worker know that was happening.
Once the family service worker was aware of this he started doing them with her in the classroom or out in the hallway wherever they were able to catch the parent. Most of the time they were able to catch the parents at drop off or pick up, a very busy time for the whole…

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