Ethics Of A School Should Not Be Held Essay

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Ethics of Critique. Given that the lawsuit was settled out of court, in the Red Clay School District’s favor, the students and parents at Warner Elementary benefited by continued local control of their school, when the State did not intervene to restructure it. The demands of NCLB on this school were too great. A school should not be held accountable for students that the school has no means to directly impact. The teachers and administers at Warner Elementary School benefited by having the positive impact they had on their students’ learning recognized. Public education in Delaware also benefited from this settlement when the Delaware General Assembly amended AYP regulations to include more rational accountability procedures.
Ethics of Justice. The 35 special needs students who attended Richardson Park Intensive Learning Center suffered throughout this case since their learning needs were not met. The demands on Richardson Park Intensive Learning Center to educate students that Warner Elementary School and other local elementary schools are unable to accommodate increased due the outcome this lawsuit. This intensive learning center and other similar facilities in Delaware are now held more accountable by the school districts and the State.
Ethics of Care. The relationship between the Delaware Department of Education and the Red Clay School District changed from oversight and compliance to a case of adversarial opposition. The comments made Delaware 's Education Secretary…

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