Ethics, Morality, And Standards Essay

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Ethics, in my opinion, are morals that guide my behavior and what constitutes my beliefs, virtues, and standards. I would like to discuss the following approaches to the study of morality and identify the approach that is closest to my perception.
Approaches to the Study of Morality
Scientific approach. “Moral science may refer to the consideration of what is best for, and how to maximize the flourishing of, either particular individuals or all conscious creatures” (Wikipedia references, 2016). Many societies live and do for their community and those that break that ‘habit’ are thought to be immoral.
Philosophical approach. Philosophy, the love of wisdom, from the Greek terms philia (love or friendship), and sophia (wisdom) (Krasermann, 2006). Every person is a unique individual and therefore, the more we learn about individuality v. community, the more philosophy is studied. To know more about others, we must know ourselves first and then widen our vision to encapsulate those around us, including their beliefs, cultural differences, and opinions about truth, justice, and meaning of life.
Theological/religious approach. “Religion is one of the oldest human institutions” (Morality and religion, Pg. 18, Para. 2, 2012). With little evidence of language being used, other than cave marking, religion in one form or another has been in existence since the first knowledge of mankind. Societies around the world have believed in one deity or another since the beginning of…

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