Ethics : Moral Principles That Affect My Decisions Essay

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Ethics are moral principles that affect my decisions. It originated from the Greek work ethos meaning custom, habit, character or disposition. The concept of ethic is derived from our philosophies, social, cultural and religious beliefs. Furthermore, “it dictates acceptable moral standards for what is right and wrong, good or evil, justifiable, permissible, unjustifiable in terms of our human rights, obligations, fairness and benefits to society.” (MacKinnon , pg. 1). Moreover, Kant’s deontological ethics places emphasis on my obligation, duties, and rights but never on the consequences of my actions. It explains that my acts are right or wrong only in themselves, but despite the consequences, I must act accordingly. On the other hand, Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mills’ Utilitarianism epitomizes the consequences of my actions which is to perform “the greatest good for the greatest number of people,” meaning that whatever thing I do, I must produce the most happiness for the most amount of people. (MacKinnon , pg. 177). Contrastingly, Virtue ethics focuses on virtue or moral characters instead of duties, rules, or the consequences of my actions. I think ethics can be our moral compass for today’s ethical and moral issues on human rights.
Kantian Ethics
Kantian ethics are well-known teaching of a German philosopher by the name of Immanuel Kant. Kant’s deontology is based on the principles of morality know as categorical imperative from the concept of moral duties to…

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