Ethics Is The Study, Questioning, And Justification Of Moral Rules

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Ethics is a word that can be utilized in day-to-day activity and involves everyone on earth. Ethics is the study, questioning, and justification of moral rules (Rosenstand 6). Along with the ethics, society can relate the word to values and morals. Over the course of this Ethics class, I’ve been able to relate my life experiences and outcomes with what was reviewed within our text book. My first reaction to this course was, “doesn’t everyone have ethics?” I know that statement isn’t accurate, but that was my immediate reaction to the material I started to read. Moral values happen on an everyday basis, whether it be big decisions or small decisions. How each person reacts to them and their beliefs should be one of an ethical decision. Many parents teach their children at a young age what is right from wrong. Each theory can be explained differently. What one household does wouldn’t be the same as another household? Not every family sits down at supper time around a kitchen table and says prayers before their meal. Yet, I believe every parent wants to raise a child with the respect of others and to have values. Phycologists say a child must develop a sense of values by the age of seven to grow into an adult with a conscience (Rosenstand 4). Looking at the way that I have raised my children thus far, I know that I’ve implanted the thoughts of having respect for others, to be honest, tell the truth, to always work hard for what they want, and to never give up on their dreams.…

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