Essay on Ethics Is The Most Powerful Tool That Can Be Avoid Problems

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The main issue of the ethics of technology is that society become aware of it too late. It is generally that ethical problems might recognised when technology widespread use and it is already on the market. Ethics is the most powerful tool that can be avoid problems. Adam (2005) and Weil (1969) described that ethics is outlined considering morality and the philosophical approach. It is believed that the Code of Ethics can be addressed ethical issue in the field of information and communications technology (ICT). Fairweather (2000) and Ladd (1985) point out that the Code of Ethics can solve as many as in information technology. According to Weckert, J. and Lucas R. (2013) “there are ethical theories and approaches that explicitly aim at an early integration of ethics into the technology life cycle” (as cited in van den Hoven, 2008). However, the biggest central problem of ethical theories and approaches is the future is unpredictable. Thus, ethics can be ineffective tool on uncertainty issue (Sollie,2007). In addition, it is not possible that technology can be controlled (Croy, 1996). This essay discusses about approach of the ethics of technology on ICT professionalism.
A profession is a worker who works as an employee or in behalf of himself or herself who needs specialized skills and frequently intensive academic preparation. According to Reynolds (2015) The United States Code of federal regulations stated a “professional employee” as person who occupied in…

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