Ethics Is The Moral Principle That Drives A Person 's Or Group Or Peoples Actions And Behavior

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Ethics are the moral principle that drives a person’s or group or peoples actions and behavior. While ethics are different for everyone, these are some clear things that are just out right unethical. Sometimes the right choice may not be the one that is best for your bottom end, but that does not meant that you should not make that choice. In the hospitality industry we deal with these decisions every day. Do you take the bribe from the supplier? Do you use lower quality merchandise but sell it as if it was a better quality? When you are trying to decide if an action is ethical or not, step back and ask yourself these seven little questions. Is the action legal? Does it hurt anyone? Is it fair? Am I being honest? Can I live with my decision? Would I be willing to share my decision with everyone? What if everyone did it? If you can answer those seven question and still feel good about the action, then it is ethical.
If it was found out that the manager was changing the time cards of employees and cheating them out of the time that they worked, I would have to say something about it. This behavior is not only unethical, but illegal. It is not ethical to cheat someone out of the time that they worked because you want to make your bonus. I would confront the manager, telling them that it is not ethical to change someone’s time clock in such as fashion, even if it is to make their and mine own bonus. I would suggest instead that it is made into policy that as an employee that…

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