Transformational Leadership Essay

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Effectiveness of a school is dependent on the leadership that is present and the overall climate. Many theories have been proposed to explain effective leadership and the relationship between principal leadership, school climate, student achievement, and motivation of both students and staff. Key leadership techniques and attributes encompass morale and ethics. The utopian view of a school setting is disturbed by the harsh reality that conflict, regardless of workplace or proactivity is inevitable. Upon confronting and resolving problems and dilemmas, one must take into consideration these key leadership attributes while handling the situation in a careful and intentional manner. A carefully thought out and tailored plan of action with knowledge of the research will assist in addressing issues that may arise with school faculty.
Problems vs Dilemmas/ Problem Solving Conflict can be classified into two categories: problems and dilemmas. Both of which are similar yet hold their
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This sense of shared responsibility and togetherness is reflective of a transformational leadership style.The plan of action would address practicing s “purpose-oriented dialect” which is laced heavily with the pronouns “they” and “we”. PINK/ RESERACH asserts that institutions that use these pronouns when communicating with their staff are more conducive to autonomy and intrinsic motivation. In transformational leadership, a leader meets followers’ needs, concerns, and motives. Additionally, a transformational leader helps followers by building a team’s capacity both morally and technically(source 4, p. 3). In planning to address conflict among faculty at a school site, it would be critical to evaluate the type of leadership style that is dominant in that particular

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