Ethics, Integrity, And Professionalism Essay

1526 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 7 Pages
Within the field of Criminal Justice the understanding of ethics and its sub characteristics is an important aspect that inexperienced law officials must obtain. Ethics, unknowingly to some, molds and attributes to the actions and lifestyles held by individuals. A situation is presented to an inexperience law official, where the individual must determine an action based on intellectual reasoning. The official is invited for an evening meal along with a fellow member of law. As the meal ends it is brought to the official’s attention that the meal will be of no cost. The owner of the establishment reason is that officials do not owe due to the contribution to society. With intellectual reasoning the official must make a decision on what action will be taken; pay for said meal or thankfully accept and continue with the day. The topics that will be discussed include ethics, corruption, integrity, and professionalism. These key points will assist with the unfolding of the steps taken by the official. The purpose of this assignment is for scholars, along with the researcher’s input, to define ethics and the other characteristics in order to answer the question of what will be done next. As the assignment progresses the topics of ethics, corruption, integrity, and professionalism will be further dissected and explained along with a psychological view on the situation itself. The leading topic that will be discussed is ethics along with its role within the criminal justice field.…

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