Essay on Ethics in the Workplace

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Good ethics is essential in the workplace to have a good, working environment. Many companies now enforce ethics training, in hopes that the good ethics will rise above bad ethics. But in too many cases that does not happen.
It is important to enforce good ethics in the workplace so that trust may be a result. Employers must be able to build trust around their employees and visa versa. Employees must also be able to trust fellow employees. When bad ethics are being displayed by an individual or group of individuals, it is hard to gain trust in the workplace. Without trust, the bad ethics multiply.
Pretty much any workplace individual is able to provide examples of both good and bad work ethics, whether they committed both, or
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Of course, freedom sounded better than work to most people. There were two of us that volunteered, three total to include the supervisor. We worked all weekend, hand digging because our equipment operators had not volunteered. While digging, we came across a WW2 replica, a boot with the dog tag attached. It was sad sight, but one that the government would pay quite a bit for. We sat down and talked over what to do with this replica. Because we were working, we could just turn it in. The second choice was to not take the credit and allow the islander to. We chose the second choice and he was paid for this replica. This may have been a personal choice between the three of us, but I have always considered it a good ethical choice on our part. Because we were working, our supervisor could have taken the credit, but instead used his better judgment and allow the credit to go to the islander, who's little bit of land it was on. This example may have been good ethics. Bad ethics are also a part of the workplace and happen often. Next is an example of a situation that ended on a note of bad ethics.
In my job as an Accounts Payable specialist I deal with debits and credits, not so much the credits. We developed another department call (DFV) Due from Vendor, which are the dealing with the credits. There was a lady (Dina) whom I will describe as "sat in her ways" whom took care of these credits. Dina would at times put her work off on others, because she felt she

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