Ethics in the Workplace - Bp Oil Spill Essay

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Ethics in the Workplace Case Study: BP Oil Spill On April 20, 2010 off the Gulf of Mexico, there was a blowout of the Macondo well which is owned by British Petroleum also known as BP. When the blowout took place it got immediate media attention because aspects of the event were known over the world. Within events transpiring it was discovered how limited the resources and reaction to the disaster was going to be. This paper will detail aspects of the event from symptoms of the problem, the root cause, important unresolved issues, roles of the organization’s key players and stakeholders, and explain the focus of specific ethical systems. Also discussed in this paper are relevant strategies and alternatives, the effect of globalization …show more content…
The longer this went on the more damage was being done to the livelihood and the environment of the gulf course. Analyzing the relevant strategies and evaluating the alternatives to fix the ethical dilemmas with a particular organization such as BP, my plan would be to put in place guidelines so the workers in the organization are fully aware of their responsibilities and be accountable for their decisions and actions. The validity of such implementations should be managed by an outside source to monitor on multiple levels. The responsibility and accountability becomes more ethical if monitored properly.
The Effect of Globalization on the Choice of Preferred Alternatives
The alternatives that have been present are valid, but concerning globalization the effect would be great to show support in the community and provide them with the necessary means to succeed. Any organization that encounters a situation such as this has to look at a bigger picture which includes the globalization and if these factors are not considered it could be negative on the efforts being considered. If this situation had transpired in a different country the alternatives would remain the same because there needs to be a person in the position as a go between

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