Ethics in Pepsico Essay

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Business ethics is the accepted set of moral values and corporate standards of conduct in a business organization. These standards of business behavior promote human welfare and the good. Business ethics are exhibited both as written and unwritten codes of moral standards that are critical to the current activities and future aspirations of a business organization. They can differ from one company to another because of differences in cultural perspectives, operational structures and strategic orientations. Therefore, different people have different beliefs about what constitutes ethical behavior. The law defines what is or not legal, but the distinctions between moral right and wrong are not always so
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Over the past ten years EthicsPoint has enabled many leading organizations within the Food and Beverage industry to unify their compliance and product quality data into one central repository while also leveraging robust reporting to easily identify trends and proactively mitigate risk across their organization. In order to function with due credibility beverages manufacturers should manage their business with consistent set of working principles. The business management principles of an organization should represent high standards of quality and excellence in both products and services. There dealing with both suppliers and distributors should be based on ethics and respect. The field of beverages manufacturing is highly challenging and a product has to pass through different norms of testing before being launched in the market. Beverages manufacturers have an unwritten obligation to meet all the prescribed standard operating procedures. The quality control process should be stringent with round the clock monitoring. Some common methods of checking the quality of beverages is by applying in line electronic monitors in the manufacturing plant. This helps beverages manufacturer test the ratio and carbonation of the drink. Beverages manufacturers should strive to

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