Ethics Game Essay

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Ethics Game Dilemma
Chad Zingarelli
University of Phoenix

Joseph Becker
October 11, 2012

Ethics Game Dilemma
After completing the Ethics game II case, it has been determined that there are two ethical issues presented for management to review, and make the most ethical decision that will not harm the company. The first dilemma deals with the possibility of harassment in the office. There is a chance that an employee named Bill is harassing an employee named Gayle in the office. Gayle is starting to feel uncomfortable and is unsure of the best way to handle the situation, so she requests a confidential meeting to discuss the issue. The second Dilemma was regarding a junior researcher at the G-BioSport’s southern division
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I should encourage Gayle to review the company handbook before the meeting.
Step 4: Be Reflective- My final decision was to tell Gayle that I can keep a personal matter confidential, but that I may have to report a work-related problem. I should encourage Gayle to review the company handbook before the meeting. I chose the option for the Rights/Responsibilities Lens, which shows that I tend to be an idealist who strives for the highest expression of our values and expects the very best in people. I feel that I use the Rights/Responsibility lens the majority of the time when I’m making decisions because I naturally expect the best out of people. I think it is important that people take responsibility for their own actions, like in this case. I also used the Results lens in this case. I tend to lean toward sensibility in cases like this. I want to know exactly what is going on so I can make the most efficient and ethical decision possible. I have an understanding of human nature and I feel that individually, we need to be responsible members of our communities, while keeping strong core values. The lenses used in the second Dilemma were the Relationship lens and the Reputation lens. The decision-making steps used in this situation were: Step 1: Be Attentive- The main issue in this situation is what do I do

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