Ethics Game Simulation Essay

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Ethics Game Simulation: Reflective Journal
Susan Lopez
University of Phoenix
Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility/MGT/216
Dr. Arnold Bereson
December 07, 2009

Ethics Game Simulation: Reflective Journal
In the ethics game simulation I was the quality control manager and was given the responsibility of making some very difficult ethical decisions. The first decision I had to make was regarding fair warning. The company had determined that there was a contaminant in products that were already distributed for sale. They were looking at me to tell them what should be done about those products.
In this case, I was asked to look at the dilemma through two lenses, first the Rights/Responsibility Lens and the Results
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The lenses of the previous case focused on the individual, but these two lenses focus on community. The Relationship Lens looks to justice and fairness. It believes that ethical actions are those that show integrity. The Reputation Lens focuses on good character and possessing good virtues. In the end, I thought that because some countries do not protect their citizens, an upstanding company should not sell a product to other countries that is not fit to be sold in the United States. It turns out that the simulation believes this was a poor decision in the Reputation Lens. According to the simulation, I should honor the other countries’ rights to set their own safety standards and still sell the product if it passes their standards. The truth of the matter is that my first instinct was to go with that, but as I began considering the Relationship Lens, I changed my mind. The lens spoke of all people being treated fairly no matter their status or title, so I believe that no matter where a person lives I should treat everyone as I would if he or she were here. I also took into consideration the Reputation Lens, to act with good character I would have to say that if a product is not good enough for this country why it would be good enough for those in another is beyond me. My character is such that I do not believe myself to be above or worthy of more than anyone else.
The definition of virtue,

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