Essay on Ethics : Ethics And Moral Obligation

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What ethics means to me Describe ethics in your own words. Some many thoughts come to mind, because the word ethics can mean so many different things to different people. However, in my description it is ones belief that they believe what they perceive whet they think is right and wrong. Living one’s life to do what you think is right to be a good person overall. Now the question arises do I believe human beings have an ethical or moral obligation to look after the welfare of other life forms? To an extent, we tend to go overboard with what we believe is right or wrong whether it comes to the human race or another life form. I believe that we share this planet with other living and breathing creatures, and that it is our responsibility to look out for ourselves (as the human race). We have an obligation to take care of ourselves first. However, I do believe we need to treat everything with respect though. So to answer the question I think that we have an ethical obligation to do what is right. Everything and everybody serves a purpose. An example I will use is the buffalo they were a source of food and clothing for us, and then we started killing them off at an astonishing rate, during the nineteenth century. It was to the point the species where almost the whole species were exterminated, for they were not only being killed for food or clothing, but for game as well. 4-5 million bison were killed in the span of 17 years. Thankfully, in 1883 bison could no longer be…

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