Essay on Ethics : Ethics And Ethics

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Ethics are defined as being, “rules of behavior or moral principles that guide our actions in given situations” (Baran, 2017, p. 351). In lame-men’s terms, ethics requires applying societal and personal norms to new and changing life circumstances, both professional and personal. Professionals in the media often have to make a decision whether or not their actions are ethical, especially when they are presented with a situation where there is not single “correct” answer. When seeking the most ethical solution, media professionals must find the “most morally defensible answer” (Baran, 2017, p.351). Professionals working in the media often times walk a thin line between remaining ethical and writing a “juicy” story. Some things, although not illegal, may not be ethical. An example of this would be a reporter publishing the names of victims involved in acts of crime or violence; it is not illegal to print their names but is it ethical?
There are three levels of ethics: meta-ethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics. Meta-ethics refers to fundamental values, defining the broad basic starting point behind ethical and moral reasoning. Normative ethics are basically generalized, “theories, rules and principles of ethical or moral behavior” (Baran, 2017, p. 352). Examples of normative ethics would be the media professionals’ code of ethics or a medical professionals standard of good practice. Meta-ethics and normative ethics come together to make the third level, applied…

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