Ethics : Ethics And Ethics Essay

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One of the most difficult ideas to express may be the idea of ethics. When researching what ethics are, one will find hundreds of books that discuss everything from ethics as a whole to individual types and systems of ethics. The idea of ethics has been around for centuries and still no solid definition can be given as to what they are or consist of. Many systems of ethics have been used and suggested, but for the sake of time and clarity, they will not be individually separated. Throughout history cultures and people change and evolve as do the way we think and define ideas. In order to better describe ethics and how to define what ethics is, a look into the past is necessary. By looking into the past and describing ethics based on a singular definition, it is evident that the ethics of today have inherited the characteristics from the past while having added some new twists that make the ethical argument very interesting. Socrates (470-399 B.C) is often credited as the first man to put thought in to ethics and to attempt to describe and expound on the idea of what ethics consist of (Encyclopedia of Ethics). Long after the death of Socrates, humanity still drinks deeply from his words and ideas as the study of ethics progresses. Upon requesting a definition of ethics from most people today, an answer that is confident and to the point is not often received in return. Morals and ethics seem to be very closely related in the minds of those who attempt to answer this…

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