Ethics : Ethics And Ethics Essay

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Ethics shapes our attitudes towards the world, other people, and cultures and how we process right from wrong. I would love to believe that the world is made up of individuals that have a high level of integrity and pure ethical fibers; however, this is not the world in which we live in. Ethics or rather morals entail mechanisms that defend, systematize as well as recommend conceptions of right or wrong, good and bad. Interestingly, many organizations have to develop ethical codes to ensure employees and employers understand the difference in doing right or wrong. It is no secret that ethics are an essential aspect of successfully running of any organization or government, yet, many corporations grow precipitously on unethical practices. Ethics ensure employee’s productivity levels are up to the required standards and it also assists them to know their rights and responsibilities. Additionally, employers, as well as any persons in management, are guided by them to ensure they provide transparent leadership on all levels (Wright, 2007). Ethics also defines how customers should be handled in various situations. Ethical codes govern the relationship between customers and an organization. The ethical decision making process is a fundamental aspect that assists in making difficult choices, especially when one is facing a dilemma. Sometimes top management faces difficult circumstances that have no clear right or wrong answer (Mata, 2013). As such, it vital to…

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