Ethics : Ethical Or Moral Code Essay

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From the beginning of time, ethics has always been a topic that comes with a great deal of debate. There are many gray areas when pertaining to ethics, especially in the field of business. However, some actions in the business world are considered more universally unethical. If an action or deed causes harm to innocent, potential customers then it would be seen as unethical. Many businesses have an ethical or moral code that they try to follow. Striving to avoid error, being impartial, truthful, having dignity, courage, and the desire to do good work are all ideals that businesses want to uphold (Wachter). Sadly, these values can easily be shattered with one unethical act. Various actions such as producing unsafe products, deceptively advertising, and committing fraud would all be unethical and advised against. One of the great things about the business world these days is that new products are being created and manufactured each day. Unfortunately, there is news about a product either being recalled or discontinued for various reasons. Company’s come up with multiple reasons why their products are recalled, however, producing unsafe products is largely unethical no matter what the circumstances.
Product Safety: What is it? When shopping, all customers should be able to believe that the product they are about to purchase will not harm them in any way. People can usually trust that they are not buying anything unsafe. Unfortunately, there are times where companies…

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