Ethics : Ethical And Ethical Issues Essay

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Ethics is often times subjective and can have uncertain areas that many will find themselves in at some point in their lives. Ethics can be thought of as something that can be placed on a spectrum. The notion of ethical dilemmas solidifies this idea. Possessing sound ethical principles can take one far in both a career and in one’s personal life. Businesses and organizations have realized the importance of having and promoting strong ethical practices. History is fraught with those who did not take warning and ultimately they failed. That being the case, it is important to understand one’s individual ethical codes and standards to ensure they match with their associated organization or workplace.

Personally, I base my ethical standards on several things to include how I was raised, life experiences, and values that I have since learned are important to me. I was raised in a Christian household and was taught various values by my parents. My parents imparted to me that lying, stealing, and cheating were wrong amongst other things. Many times, these lessons were associated with various books of the Bible and life lessons they had experienced. However, as I grew older, I began to develop my own set of values based on my own life experiences and interpretations of various sources of literature. Not that I abandon their guidance, but more along the lines of applying my own notion of value to the ethical principles taught.

Each individual will likely place different points…

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