Essay on Ethics, Ethical, And Ethical Issues

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Throughout the course of day-to-day business life, the business professionals come in contact with quite a sum of ethical dilemmas. There are various ways to handles these ethical dilemmas but failure to follow the appropriate manner could result in an unethical outcome. The ethical guides related to the book definitely help students develop an ethical character that is sure to standout for highly ethical companies. In addition, there are companies that test how ethical applicants are before hiring them, this in turn makes getting the job more difficult and costly. However, despite the high cost and difficulty said companies stay firm to ethics, guaranteeing they get top-of-the-line employees who will act in an ethical manner. Ethics is defined as the moral principles that govern a person’s or group’ moral behavior and the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles. Although ethics vary country-to-country, it is still important to brush up one’s understanding of socially accepted ethical manners in the area one is in.
One issue describe in the book in chapter 2 related to egocentric and empathic people stands out from the rest of the ethical guides. Egocentric people are characterized as caring only about themselves, wanting their ideas to be heard over the rest, thinking only in his or her interest, as well as manipulative. Empathetic people are described as caring, morally superior, smarter, as well as better leaders. The case goes on to compare egocentric…

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