Essay on Ethics : Ethical And Ethical Dilemmas

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Ethical Conflict Ethics is seen as an individual’s set of morals and the corresponding values in which they believe. The tone and moral expectations in an organization is influenced by its leader (Ledlow & Coppola, 2014). Many leaders experience ethical dilemmas on the job that may put them into uncomfortable positions. Ethical dilemmas can be caused by our own values or by others higher in an organization. When an agreement of values can’t be resolved, ethical conflict can be the result (Ganz, Wagner, Toren, 2015). Ethical conflicts can cause much disruption and moral distress upon supervisors. In the case of the transferred employee, the team leader was left in a situation where they had to make an ethical decision whether to change the documents as they were told or choose the opposition of not changing the documents with an ethical-approach. Approaching the situation of whether to change the documents or not is a difficult decision to make. Most organizations use a top to bottom workload and ultimately just want to get the job done however way possible to meet numbers (Boatright, 2013). I definitely would have spoken to legal counsel and or human resources about how to address the issue legally. I would have even investigated to see how other department heads would handle this situation. Although, I would normally try not over step the supervisor’s boundaries in most cases, I would say that it would be necessary to contest replacing the true documents…

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