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Denise Griego
June 4, 2014
Angela Peinado

Many cultures have different perspectives of ethics and morals. Not one opinion or perspective is correct. Religious groups think their perspective and knowledge of ethics and morals pertain to God or gods. Theists think their perspective does no pertain to a God. Which group is correct? In this essay the information obtained will describe what each groups knowledge is pertaining to ethics and morals. The person obtaining the knowledge will be the one to determine which is correct and has the best definition.
Similarities between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological ethics are they all to making the right and wrong decisions. Determining which will be most
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Deontological ethics is defined as rightness is determined by rightness of actions not rightness of outcomes. Some examples include: prohibitions, things you should not do; obligations, things you do; and permissions, things you may do if you choose (Peinado, slide 21, 2014). The criticism of deontological theory is not enough information or substance regarding the results of the theory. More than not, people do use this theory without knowledge of the theory.
The general concept behind Virtue Ethics is that it focuses on what the individual should choose for his/her own personal inward behavior (character) rather than the individual relying solely on the external laws and customs of the person's culture, and if a person's character is good then so ought the person's choices and actions be good (Gowdy, 2013). A personal experience pertaining to virtue ethics is helping others.
Ensuring others needing help receive the assistance required to complete a task. Helping others by making food that are unable to cook or can’t afford any food is satisfying. This happens frequently and this is very enjoyable to make others happy with food. Knowing the food prepared gives me satisfaction. Always helping gives me happiness. Saying the word “no” is difficult when there is a person or people who need help. Knowing that helping others will come back sometimes twice over is also known as good karma.
The most recent experiences are helping others in the offices that are behind

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