Essay about Ethics, Education And Change

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Learner Survey/Skill-Knowledge Assessment
Fall 2016
Ethics, Education and Change

Name _______Ashley Ridgeway__________ Subject (Major) Area: __Clinical Psychology________________ Graduate Yr: ___Sophomore___

This section of the assessment asks you to look at yourself, your background, and your approach to learning and to ethics. It also gives the instructor an idea of who you are, what you are looking to achieve, and some insight into how you intend to achieve it. Reformat this as you go, so it looks as professional as possible.

1. Educational background, high school/college, degrees, training, area of emphasis, universities attended: I first attended Hereford High school (Monkton, MD, 1954).After graduating from high school I then went on to attend a Community College at CCBC Essex (Essex, MD, 1957). I was accepted into CCBC 's Honor Program. My expertise is in psychology because I want to help people who have mental illnesses and feel they have no one to talk to about things that bother them. I have taken Business management courses, english courses, psychology courses, and typing courses. I am currently attending Towson University and majoring in clinical psychology.

2. Work experience: most recent/current job title, responsibilities, other organizations, and languages spoken:
I am a licensed Pharmacy Technician at CVS Pharmacy. My responsibilities include answering phones, filling prescriptions, resolving customer discrepancies, and tending to customer’s…

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