Ethics Dilemma Essay

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Ethical Dilemmas
Debra Lohmeyer
February 11, 2013
Barbara Scheibe

Ethical Dilemmas
The Allen family presented in the simulation has several health issues they deal with individually that contribute to the family unit. Clifford struggles with depression that he does not want to have documented or take medications for out of fear. Pam is the glue of the family; she keeps the home functioning and has not worked outside the family because their son was born with Down’s syndrome. Her time is spent caring for him and the home. She has a history of endometrial cancer and has gone 14 months without a check-up. Gary is an active special needs young man, he holds a job, participates in Special Olympics and Scouting. The family
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The Be Intelligent phase provides an opportunity to list all the stakeholders; Pam, Clifford, Gary, surgeon, nurses, and church members. The Be Reasonable phase flushes out all the duties of the stakeholders giving clarity to decision impact. The Be Responsible phase gathers information to handle the ethical dilemma and ends with the creation of a statement about the decision. The last phase is the Be Reflective phase where Pam and Clifford write the decision down, how the decision was made and how it will be carried out (, 2013). Clifford and Pam did arrive at the decision of treatment by chemotherapy and radiation for her cancer. They had previous experience with chemotherapy when Pam had it during her endometrial cancer. The nursing staff provided pamphlets about chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and ostomy care, however, the interaction between nursing staff and family was not documented as in-depth so it is difficult to determine if all their questions and concerns were addressed. Clifford’s difficulty with Pam’s colostomy was not addressed and remains a problem for their intimate relationship even after her recovery from the effects of her treatment.
The ethical dilemmas facing the Allen family remain caring for Gary and Clifford if Pam’s cancer has not been cured. Pam and Clifford have not made a plan even in the event of both their deaths. Pam and Clifford have not addressed issues with their intimate

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