Ethics, Culture, And The Best Management Behavior Essay

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In the month of April 2010, Deepwater Horizon exploded, killing 11 workers and releasing oil from the oil well into the Gulf of Mexico. BP along with a few of its partners Transocean and Halliburton was involved in the gulf oil spill. The explosion of the drilling oil rig Deepwater Horizon was the root cause of the oil spill. This paper will focus on BP organization behavioral issues such as ethics, culture, and social behavior that caused the economic, environmental, and human losses. The research further focuses on what BP leadership could have done as a precautionary measure using highest ethics, safety culture, and the best management behavior.
BP Organization Culture
A unique set of principles, vision, and discipline drives corporate behavior and culture. The corporate culture guides the employee motivation and their behavior towards customers and the external world. One of the greatest management skills are supporting individuals and teams by understanding and communicating with them. The ability to analyze and diagnose complex scenario is also a management skill needed in the case of the gulf oil spill. Various levels of diversity bring rich skills to the organization such as creativity, measuring risk, and interpersonal views.
Dysfunctional organizational culture
BP safety culture, number of system and process failure contributed by large to the oil disaster. BP as an organization did not encourage effective and cohesive communication structure within various…

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