Essay on Ethics Case

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The Mistral Fan Case

By: Matthew Balkissoon

Mistral was one of the prominent companies in the electrical manufacturing industry. They received numerous awards for the design on the Mistral Gyro Aire, which was introduced in 1968. In January of 1988, a house in Melbourne caught on fire killing two children, causing a public warning about the faulty fans by the coroner’s court. The fire started with a mistral fan, and an investigation following the incident exposed a history of poor regulatory control. Before this incident Mistral had supplied a hospital with 40 fans which were assembled from parts of older units and two of the fans caught fire. During 1977-1978 Mistral recalled the fans but they failed to mention
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Milton was morally negligent because as the inventor of the fan he should have been aware of the problems with the fans and influenced the Approvals Board to take this matter further but he did not.
Public Morality
The morality and moral requirements and considerations present when one has a public persona, role, or position. As one of the prominent companies in the electrical manufacturing industry,

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