Ethics Case Analysis Essay

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The Analyst’s Dilemma (A)

This case presents a very typical situation that people encounter while working in the corporate environment. What is ethical, what is morally correct and what is just right out against the law are the questions that we all face while working in a corporate environment. Some of the ethical questions are governed by the law facing the situation. For example while working in an investment bank you most probably have access to inside information about upcoming deals that one could possibly use for personal monetary gain or you could act as a tippie and possibly share that confidential information with others. This kind of a situation is definilety governed by the law and you can actually be charged with various
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Everyone has subjective biases towards based on race, sex gender. Sometime you tend to develop personal biases based on past experiences. From my personal experience, I was working for a company and an industry where women were not very prevalent. It was more of a male dominant industry. The company thought that it was being unbiased in its hiring decision but sometimes the way the company displayed its day to day activities as being very demanding work environment, long working hours and could be physically demanding in terms of travel also portrayed a very negative image for the women work force. Even though most of these things were true to a certain extent but I think it also begged the question that is this something the company is doing as they have certain pre-notions about the job being done by women? Is there something they could do to make the working environment attractive towards everyone in general? It always seemed there was a difference the way the company was portrayed to a male candidate versus a female. Partly it was done to give a realistic picture about the work culture but again I think sub consciously it seemed like they had certain pre notions about the job being done by the women in general. Similarly one can also have biases towards a certain group that favors them. The article clearly mentions that just by thinking that you are following all the rules does not mean

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