Ethics And The Human Resources Essay

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Ethics is not only important in the workplace it is also important to obey moral standards in day to day life. Understanding what ethics is first will help in determining the importance of knowing about how to make the right choices to make in life, rather than the wrong choices. When choosing the right or wrong choices, there may be ethical dilemmas someone may come across. Deciding how to make the right decision using different thought processes could help determine if the outcome would be ethical. Knowing how to resolve the ethical dilemmas, whether it is in the workplace or in someone’s day to day life, will be a crucial part in overcoming problems. When thinking about ethics in the workplace, human resources should be involved. Ethics and the human resources department need to be working together to make every effort in the company become more ethical.
The first approach to understanding what is right from wrong and resolving ethical dilemmas is to understand what ethics is. Andrew Ghillyer wrote in Business Ethics Now that ethics is “the manner by which we try to live our lives according to a standard of “right” or “wrong” behavior” (4). For some people this could include how someone is living their life, how they are conducting themselves, or by how someone is living up to moral standards. For other people this could be based on how you were raised, religion, or even society. Moral standards are judgements made about good or bad behavior. When someone is learning…

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