Essay on Ethics And The Ethical Decision

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Mrs. Hanigan is a reliable, caring teacher who only wishes the best for her students and the student body as a whole. She now finds herself in a situation where she must choose between what she believes to be her duty as an educator, and potentially loosing what she believes to be a positive forward thinking policy for her school. When making ethical decisions first the person must recognize the ethical issue. Which in Mrs. Hanigan 's case is whether or not she should report Mr. Metzger 's students of suspected cheating, risking their reputations, and the schools device policy. Then all relevant facts must be obtained, what are possible ways to handle the situation, and those actions possible outcomes. In this case we will discuss Jason 's due process, and Mrs. Hanigans options based on several ethical frameworks. The final step in any ethical decision is to make the final decision, act on that decision, and then reflect on the outcome in order to better prepare for the future. Technology has created a conundrum of pro 's and con 's for the modern day educator. It posses the ability aid students learning experience, and potentially improve absorption and retention of information. Trouble is it all posses the ability to create an uncontrollable distraction, and create an even large educational gap between lower income and higher income families. Many advocates for technology in the classroom argue that by keeping it out, the school system is doing the students a…

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