Ethics And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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There has been an abundance of classes that have helped me the most during my college career. Almost all of the criminal justice classes that I have taken have proven to help me. The classes that have been the most helpful were Criminal Justice 202, Criminal Justice 204, and Criminal Justice 345 and Criminal Justice 401. In the fall of 2013 I took Criminal Justice 202 with Paula Broussard. Criminal Justice 202 is a class about Ethics in the Criminal Justice System. I think that this class proved to be the most helpful because my professor taught us about morals and ethics. Morals and ethics are things we should basically live by. Mrs. Broussard taught this class. She made us actually think by placing situational questions on test, and having us learn the difference between morals and ethics. I learned the reasoning and actions of someone who works in the criminal justice field, and how you should behave when you leave your job for the day. I also had to critically analyze situation that were current in the media. I walked away from this class with a different perspective based upon that information I learned that semester. In the fall of 2014 I took Criminal Justice 204 with Mr. Delay. This class was Criminal Courts. This class was helpful because I finally learned how the court system worked. This became vital when I began my internship. As an assignment, Mr. Delay had his students attend city, district and federal court for a certain amount of hours. This was helpful…

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