Essay on Ethics And The Code Of Conduct

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Ethics refers to the code of conduct within an organization that influence decisions made and the way in which business is carried out. It draws a line between what is acceptable by the organization and what is not. It is therefore, an important governing principle for the people within the institute from the top management to the low level staff. Ethics in conduct is hence, focused on the leaders and employees who comprise the business set up and the environment in which they operate. This paper intends to examine the impact of ethics in organizations as well as the advantages and disadvantages it brings upon implementation. Ethics make up the setup of an organization’s culture thus, when new employees or partners join the company, they find an established manner of doing things. This way of conduct builds a good relationship among employees since respect; honesty and integrity are the way of operating within the institute. This ethic increases trust among employees since none of them is conducting business in a malicious manner that would cause the other employees discomfort. Unethical practices such as corruption for personal gain deprives the staff of trust and respect for persons engaging in the vice. The price to pay if one is caught includes criminal charges and public humiliation when such an act is disclosed to everyone. Business success depends on the harmonious collaboration of workers with a common goal of accomplishing the goals of the institute before they…

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