Ethics And Sportsmanship : Athletic Competition Essay

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There is a need for ethics and sportsmanship in athletic competition. It is evident that society places great value on competition, and that those who coach and play serve as role models for those who aspire to be athletes themselves. However, today athletics, athletes, and athletic competition fail to consistently provide examples of ethical behavior and good sportsmanship. An example, I have found that deals directly to the topic of ethics and sportsmanship is the state of the collegiate athletics. “Although college programs serve as training grounds for the few athletes making it into the professional leagues, guaranteeing this advancement in lieu of an education could be considered deceitful, with the percentages of college players who become professional athletes less than five percent in football, basketball and baseball” (Lumpkin, Stoll, Beller 2003). The second example of ethics and sportsmanship is the topic of parent’s involvement in youth and high school athletics. This topic has been at the forefront of almost every youth sport nowadays and I have not heard many positive stories. It seems to always be something negative impacting some youth sport and an incident with a parent. “Too many households place overemphasis on sports at the expense of sportsmanship and support. As a result, the number of parents who cross the appropriate line of support and encouragement to intolerable interference has increased. Too many parents seem to be more concerned with…

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