Essay on Ethics And Responsibilities Of A Foster Care

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Plan of action The course objectives that my project addresses are the function and responsibilities of a foster care human service professional, and identifying services that have to do with foster care. My project addresses the purpose and limitations of the code of ethics that needs to be followed. It covers career options that are available for foster care caseworkers, how foster care works, and the requirements to become a foster care parent.
Functions and responsibilities Foster care case workers work with the states and courts to place children that have been abused, neglected or abandoned into temporary foster homes. Placing the child into a foster home helps prepare them to return home or move to a permanent placement. One of the functions and responsibilities of a human service professional is to make sure that before a foster care parent opens their home to a child, they must be licensed. The foster care worker is in charge of checking the family’s medical, criminal, and financial backgrounds, and also making visits to their homes to make sure they have a good environment for raising a child. A foster care caseworker is responsible for making sure that the parents complete the courses that they need to educate themselves on foster care. When a child is placed with their foster parents, the caseworkers must make visits to the home to make sure that the foster child is being cared for properly. They also help the foster parent set up outside services the child…

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