Ethics And Morality Is A Complicated Issue Essay

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Ethics and morality is a complicated issue because there are so many varied viewpoints that we are immediately confronted with to consider. To begin, the overall concept of what morality is and what it should be has been debated for centuries due to the fact that every person has his or her own set of moral values, which most likely will differ from another person’s own moral compass. The many ethical issues to defining what is morally right or what is morally wrong may apply to some people and at the same time they may not apply to others. We see this throughout the world today between religions, politics, cultures, etc. These debates on moral issues pave the way for the development of a number of schools of thought, a collection of ideas people utilize in order to determine the morality in different situations and events. We have been learning throughout the quarter about the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching. Some of these principles will attempt to help in supporting and defending the ethical morality in the case study named “The Solar Suitcase.” In the case study “The Solar Suitcase,” Dr. Laura Stachel an Obstetrician/Gynecologist and her husband Hal Aronson, a solar educator, came up with a solar electrical system that could function independently of the Nigerian electrical grid. [1] Doctors and nurses in rural clinics were performing medical procedures by kerosene lamps. Due to the lack of lighting, many women died. They developed this system in hopes…

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