Ethics And Moral Education : A Feminist, Educationalist, And Philosopher, By Nel Noddings

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An American feminist, educationalist, and philosopher, Nel Noddings is best known for her work regarding the ethics of caring, which has subsequently positively impacted the entire educational field. Her first work, Caring: A Feminine Approach to Ethics and Moral Education is an encapsulating analysis of caring and of its role in ethics. By delineating the guidelines for caring, by explaining the controversy between natural caring and ethical caring, and by describing wrong actions, Noddings substantially postulates what caring is and what role it has in society. Correspondingly, the contemporary Western philosopher applied her work to the study of learning, allowing educators to better supplement academia. A systematic and rigid framework would not be sufficient in the explanation of caring; instead, simple suggestions would function best. Overall, the “carer” (the one doing the care, one-caring) must outwardly display both engrossment and motivational displacement, and the cared-for must have some response, be it positive or negative, to the caring. To best understand these relaxed guidelines for caring, the terms engrossment and motivational displacement must be defined and explained. Contrary to its connotation, engrossment does not equate to an intimate and deeply-rooted fixation between two parties; however, in the context of Nodding’s argument, engrossment is the adequate attention necessary to understanding the perspective of the other. Truly vital to caring,…

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