Ethics and Legal Environment of Business Essay

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September 9, 2015

The purpose of this paper is to analyze and evaluate a civil court case between Steven J. Hooper v. David Yoder and the role ethical principles played in the case. I would like to address these important points in this paper: * Define common law * Summary of the facts that brought the parties into the courtroom * State the holding of the court * The legal rights and responsibilities of the plaintiff and defendant * The role of ethical theories including Kant and Nozick’s in this case * Propose specific, common sense business practices that may have resolved the conflict
Let’s begin with a definition of common law which is applied to all corporations. “Common law is made and
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Hooper had no experience and knowledge of the products or the industry. He knew that Yoder was a business man who had more experience in the dairy products. He approached Yoder to talk about the business opportunities and got into an agreement to work together as partners without a formal written partnership agreement. He then discussed about incorporating the business into a corporation. Once the business was established, Hooper’s lust for power, his ego, his greed, and his selfishness came to a head. Despite the fact that Yoder worked so hard to market, develop, and advertise the dairy products, not to mention the time, money, knowledge, and efforts he devoted to make the business grow, Hooper still colluded with Bradley to eliminate Yoder. Additionally, Hooper’s actions and decisions could be determined unethical under Kant’s theory because Yoder was not treated fairly by Hooper while Yoder had the right to have anything Hooper had since they agreed to share everything equally. According to Kant’s

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