Ethics And Law Of Confidentiality Essay examples

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3. To what lengths do researchers have to protect the confidentiality of its participants? In the course reading “Protecting Research Confidentiality “by Ted Palys and John Lowman, the article states that the importance of protecting a participant’s confidentiality in research could mean going up against legal measures that demands the disclosure of the participant’s personal info. For many researchers, having the moral courage to live up to what is promised to the participant, their confidentiality, is in most cases conflicting and produces an ethical dilemma. When research ethics and law of confidentiality conflicts, it is a practical problem that needs to be balanced in avoidance of violating both the ethics guidelines and the law. Moreover, it also an ethical dilemma between protecting the participants, and at the same time not protecting ethics through the mean of a law violation. In my opinion, the lengths that a researcher needs to go to protect the confidentiality of the participant should surpass the law and should account for the full responsibility in keeping their identity safe against any legal measures. However, the only conditions are when the participant shows tendencies to hurt themselves or other individuals. Other than this exemption, it would appear that the researcher actually has a huge burden to bear in the process of doing research. However, no matter how much responsibility, moral courage and ethical decisions that a research study demand for, it…

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