Ethics And Its Impact On The Workplace Essay

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Ethics play a role in every aspect of decision making, “if you understand that ethics is a set of standardized rules for conducting yourself morally, then its easy to see that ethics is a lot like a tax code. Its a system where people are looking for loopholes and shelters. They 're looking to get away with whatever they can while still staying within the rules” (Pasztor 2015).When we think of Ethics, “we tend to think of corporations like Enron that misrepresented earnings and enriched itself at the expense of stakeholders (employees, shareholders suppliers, customers, etc.); and made headlines in the year 2000 for being unethical” (Jackson, 2014).
The Enron video supports that this company pulled off the “corporate crime of the century”. Employees stated that Enron 's biggest villain was the culture, employees would be “seduced by the culture that was deal driving and cut throat and we will do what ever it takes to get away with it” motto and that “Enron cheated to the core there was very little else there”. The video along with Jacksons references to Enron are a glimpse of the devastation that this single company caused and it showed that pride arrogance, intolerance was what ran Enron. Employees It shows the dark side of human impulses that need to be controlled by good regulation and people in charge with a conscious that was completely absent at Enron. These are just a few factors that led to the development of the culture of profit before principle at Enron.

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