Ethics And Human Science Set The Foundational Area Of Knowledge

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Experts in a discipline are going to disagree, even with access to the same facts. They disagree because of the several different perspectives on the facts they have access to. An expert is someone who has an excessive amount of knowledge on one or more subjects. In which leads to the definition of the next word, discipline. A discipline is a specific area of knowledge. A fact can be defined as something that has significance or is used as evidence to prove something and it can not be changed. A disagreement is the opposing ideas or clashing views surrounding a topic. Initially, the disagreement occurs because their differing methods of processing and their varying personal moral values, beliefs, and experiences. These factors intertwine with the way of knowing reason because of the rational processing of facts. As well as the way of knowing faith and area of knowing ethics because the beliefs and values of the experts impact their perspective on facts. This essay will mainly discuss the knowledge question “How do the areas of knowing ethics and human science set the foundational causes for disagreements between experts?”

Ethics is the discussion of our thoughts and actions, how we should live our lives, to help us understand whether something is right or wrong, and the morals of our judgements and actions. How big of a role does ethics actually contribute to a disagreement? Ethics has a large role because different people view different things as right and wrong…

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