Ethics and Good Prostitution Essay

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Prostitution: In the End, There’s Nothing Wrong with It. Prostitution is defined by Florida State Statute 796.07 in 1994 as “the giving or receiving of the body for sexual activity for hire but excludes sexual activity between spouses” (“Legal Definition of Prostitution”). Though it has been illegalized, an age old discrepancy dealing with the morality and ethical concepts of prostitution is still a controversial topic being discussed today. The main ethical problem being debated about the profession of prostitution is if the selling of sex, something that is meant to be private and personal, should be allowed and morally accepted within society if used for monetary gain in order to pay for the necessities of life. Some question whether …show more content…
“In this form of utilitarianism you act so as to satisfy the greatest number of preferences in the greatest number of people” (Stewart 33). Polls conclude that a promising 83% of people want prostitution to be legalized and 3% have no preference, leaving less than 15% of people who want prostitution to remain outlawed (“Prostitution Should Be Legal”). There is more than enough evidence that can be found to not only parallel utilitarianism in finding prostitution morally just, but also show popular desire for the profession. Though Immanuel Kant “argue[s] against the stern laws of duty and their validity, or at least [thinks] to place their purity . . . in doubt,” everything within his deontological theory finds prostitution completely permissible and moral (Kant 21). Kant’s moral theory focuses on the categorical imperative; the categorical imperative “distinguishes between right and wrong actions by universalizing the action’s maxim and seeing if this can be done consistently” (Stewart 36). This test of whether things are right or wrong is broken into two formulations, through both of which prostitution can be found as moral and acceptable. The first is the “formula of universal law, which states ‘Act only on those maxims which you can will to be universal laws’” (Stewart 37). This being stated, prostitution has the ability to be conducted in a manner willed to be universal law because of its nature as a relationship as opposed

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