Ethics And Ethics Of The Ethical System For Starbucks

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Register to read the introduction… After reviewing the code of ethics for Starbucks I believe the ethical system that they use is all but one of them. The one ethical system I believe Starbucks does not use is the Ethics of Self Interest. The reason I believe Starbucks uses the other systems is because Starbucks has Biological and Social values, promotes the greatest good for the greatest number, and universalization principle and means end principle. The way Starbucks has Virtue Ethics is the gratitude, patience, compassion, caring sympathy and Competitiveness. When leaders behave within the bounds of this code, their employees will as well therefore propagating the company image of a moral and socially responsible organization, one looking out for its people, the community and the environment while doing business. One will ask then - when is this code used? It is exercised …show more content…
But as the company grew, it learned that in order for its identity to remain and the vision of the founders to have continuity, it needed to establish a simple yet effective code of ethics that speaks of the company's moral values. It is results-driven because it pushes the organization to achieve its targets with a specific social co-efficient. This also makes it a duty-driven code wherein the intent of the action is given more weight than the intended result. Consider this, while Starbucks is driven to make profits it also tries to gain those profits following a maxim of social responsibility, doing business only in that vein for the result must also include social development not only for itself but for the small operations it supports worldwide from buying coffee beans and other products and materials necessary for its own

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