Ethics And Ethics Of Law Enforcement Essay

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Ethics play a major role in the profession of law enforcement. Individuals in the field of law enforcement have a strong sense of morals and ethics to begin with. If this is true then why do law enforcement professionals’ decision making abilities sometimes stray away from ethical behavior? By examining noble cause corruption we can begin to understand the misguided logic behind unethical decision making. We can also identify the responsibilities at different levels within the law enforcement field. Unethical decision making in law enforcement does happen, but understanding the reasons of why it occurs can help individuals and organizations prevent it from continuing to happen.
Ethics vs. Morals
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary (n.d.), ethics are defined as “the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group.” Ethics are a part of every profession in the world. They are standards by which individuals actions are guided in their respective fields. Ethics will always play a part of decision making for every person, whether they are a banker, a doctor, or a teacher.
In today’s law enforcement, ethics are a pivotal cornerstone upon which policing is based. It might be safe to say that there is no other profession that demands a higher ethical standard than that of law enforcement. The public demands that law enforcement be held to higher standards as they have great responsibilities bestowed upon them. Law enforcement professionals are…

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