Ethics And Engineering: The Importance Of Ethics In Engineering

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Ethics in Engineering and how ECSA sees ethics.
Ethics can be defined as the rules of conduct that are recognized with respect to a particular class of human action. It may also be defined as the philosophy that deals with the values that relate to the human conduct of wrong and right of certain actions, and the good and bad of the motives and end result of such actions. I understand that ethics in engineering or any other profession is very important, ethics help provide some sort of guideline that one is required to follow when making any decision in whatever they do. In engineering, this might be in the designing section, a project, and building or in manufacturing. With the growth that is occurring in the engineering field the different
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Always disclose the honest objectives, recommendations, and opinions in everything they do. It is important that an engineer always has the public interest and environment as his/her top priority. With regard to the environment, it is important that all options are explored in finding ways to minimize the negative impact on the environment, all projects being done should always find ways that will help sustain the environment for future generations to utilize as well. With the sustainability of the environment the safety, health and welfare of the public are very crucial because the engineer is required to make sure that whatever project is going on that it is not detrimental to the public, the correct equipment and restrictions should be used for safety reasons. If a project is not safe and may pose a threat to the health, safety, and welfare of the public, then the engineer is required to report it and safer ways of moving on with the project need to be suggested.
Reputation is important in engineering, it helps uphold the dignity and standing of the profession. With the tough competition in the engineering field, it is imminent that clients are not misled by information provided by the engineer or deliberately
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People from different moral and religious backgrounds, interesting characters and personalities. Respect is a very important attribute to have, respectfulness allows the understanding and appreciation of the different ideas and opinions that are being brought across. This also means that there is flow in communication throughout the chain of command, with the effective flow in communication it means that work is being done quicker and properly and this also means that there is a lot of efficiency in the work being

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