Essay on Ethics And E Commerce Ethical, Political, And Social Issues

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Ethics and E-commerce
1. Identify the four main dimensions that e-commerce ethical, political, and social issues fall into and provide an example of how each dimension may apply to an individual.
Ethics are the values, the moral principles, and beliefs that people use to analyze, to interpret, to understand, and to decide on what is good or bad, legal or illegal. However, unethical behavior is a moral hazard that can lead to a long-term economic failure, lawsuit, fiascos, toxic economic environment, and bankruptcy. The research has for purpose to identify the four dimensions that e-commerce ethical, political, and social issues fall into. All ethical theories have a common way to differentiate the right from the wrong, true from false, proper from improper, fair from unfair, justice from injustice, good from bad, legal from illegal, and the partial from impartial. The business ethics are “a set of principles that guides business practices to reflect a concern for society as a whole while pursuing profits” (Kilcullen & Kooistra, 1999). Finally, ethics are a choice to determine the positive outcome of an action. The fact is to do the right thing.
a) Privacy and Information rights
While the privacy is the right to be left alone, the information right concerns the collection of the information by the government and businesses. The information is “how my clickstream behavior being monitored and shared without my knowledge.” It is more about the control over the personal…

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