Ethics And Decision Making A Personal Value System Essay

1101 Words Feb 15th, 2016 null Page
Over the first 4 weeks of this class we have had many class discussions and readings, which have brought up a great deal of thinking. The class name Organization Ethics and Decision-making, speaks for itself when it comes to the things that can be talked about in this class. Our world is changing each and everyday and you have to stay on top of the way things are. In this reflection essay I will hit on different topics and speak in different ways that ethical decisions and value systems work and how my view and knowledge on these have changed.

Each individual will go about making decisions in a way that he or she sees fit based on there beliefs and teaching. This is also called their personal value system. A personal value system is a set of consistent ethical values and measures used for the purpose of ethical or ideological integrity. From my readings and class discussions I have noticed that in order to have one of these systems you have to have things thought out and know what and how you want your decision making process to be. When speaking on your character, Johnson (2010) says, “Your values will define your character and impact every aspect of your life.” (p. 44). Personal and work behaviors tie into a personal value system along with your family and your co-workers.

I have come to a realization to what a personal value system consist of and how each one is different for each situation. My system involves different areas that are all important and that all…

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