Ethics and Compliance Paper

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Ethics and Compliance Paper University of Phoenix (online) Fin/370 Finance for Business

The Financial World of Disney

Everyone young or old recognizes the name Disney when mentioned. The theme park and vacation spots around the globe are famous for their attractions and tranquility; however, the customers of Disney do not know or care about the financial side of the financial giant. The 10K report is available to individuals wishing to view the document, however only students, stockholders and a few interested individuals actually view the financial report. In this paper team C will view the document, state conclusion perceived from this information and
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The Cast members and employees develop and advance professionally in a manner consistent with their abilities. Difficult decisions may arise in hiring, evaluating performance, promoting, discipline or terminating Cast Members and employees, the Disney company expects responsibilities carried out with fairness, discretion and respect for privacy as well as compassion for the individuals involved (Disney, n.y.). The Walt Disney Company discusses the responsibility to the company and shareholders. The Walt Disney Company’s reputation is important to the company and a top priority to protect. The shareholders interest and investments are the goal to meet at the Disney Company. “It is Disney’s goal to provide a reasonable return to their shareholders, and to increase the value of their investment. At the same time, the company must be sure to protect the business and reputation of their Company, so that the Company can and will continue to live up to the expectations of shareholders, guests, customers, Cast Members and employees. Honest and ethical behavior in all matters relating to the business of the Company contributes significantly to achieving these goals” (Disney, n.y.). When collecting information on competitors, Disney uses the highest professional legal standards of ethics to remain within the ethical guidelines of the company. In other countries, the means of collecting information may be illegally obtained and may be

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