Essay on Ethics And Code Of Ethics

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The class is about half way done and it has been a well spent experience for me as well as the class as a whole. Many of my colleagues would agree with me that the presentations and the content following gives us a good insight on issues and situations that are present in companies. Also what and what not to do if faced with a pressing ethical situation. So far our biggest discussions have been over the VW controversy with their faulty emission standards and others like the BP oil spill. They have been widely discussed in ethical settings and are huge environmental dilemmas. The articles too have been interesting to read, some of it is review from undergrad but it is to refresh on some of the concepts they discuss like moral standards and code of ethics. All the topics covered has given a unique experience for me and gives me something to go by, either when I am at work or relaxing on my days off.
Class 4
In Class 4, the main focus was on the environment and how ethics plays a part of it. In my group’s presentation we covered multiple areas in which companies have failed to transparently convey the situation. Our example of the VW scandal and the BP oil spill has shown that ignorance will never pan out in the end. In the case with VW the fact that the CEO and other executives knew that the emissions tests were faulty and still released the cars anyway goes to show that they are focused on other things besides emissions. If it was not for group of scientists at West…

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