Ethics : A Code Of Morality Essay

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In my opinion, ethics is one of the most controversial topics that can be approached. According to Kory Floyd, ethics is “a code of morality or a set of ideas about what is right” (30). The issue though, is each person’s code or idea might vary between cultures and individuals (Floyd 30). In the United States, having a population of over 318 million, this variation can be extremely problematic. Thus, to ask if something is ethical or not, all ideas of ethics should be taken into account. This reasoning is important because, according to our founding fathers’ decree on independence, everyone has the right, in the United States, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How I act, dress, speak, feel, and even live are all an expression of my personal rights, stated above. What we have seen though, as different worlds have collided, is the creation of laws defining and pinpointing what is considered ethical, to our majority. Take for example, the “Respect for America’s Fallen Heroes Act.” The creation of this law came about to “prohibit certain demonstrations at cemeteries” (Rogers et al. 1). The specific demonstrations that brought about this wording, mainly came from the supposedly religious group, Westboro Baptist Church. They have made it common practice to protest military funerals in an attempt to bring to light their belief in the damnation of the U.S. By all means, I am under the belief, that how they act is unethical. They say things that I consider hurtful,…

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